Steve Vandemon

Steve Vandemon, (yes, that IS his real name!) the artist and owner of Absolute Custom Paint in Anaheim, California, has been airbrushing for over 12 years. Along with Steve’s numerous other talents as a crack-shot custom automotive artist, he is an accomplished sculptor, pin-striper, graphic designer and professional hard-rockin’ bass player.

He has appeared in countless (an unspecified large number!) publications throughout the world, as well as appearing on “Pimp My Ride”, “Monster Garage”, “Rides”, “Chop/Cut Rebuild” AND has shown up on the cutting-room floor in the premiere of “Motorcycle Mania.” Steve’s artwork has also been exhibited at the prestigious Laguna Art Museum. With Vandemon’s new ARTOOL TRIBAL MASTER SERIESĀ® (which contains 42 separate templates!) you’ll be able to easily capture the unique styles and intricate contours which he has perfected throughout his career.