Robert Paschal

My name is Robert Paschal I hold a Master of Fine Arts Degree in painting and a high school GED From the US Navy (1961-1964), and have taught airbrush technique, acrylic painting techniques, watercolor and pastel workshops throughout the U.S.. I am the author of Airbrushing for Fine and Commercial Artists and co-author of Advanced Airbrush Techniques – The Art of the Dot.

I have taught thousands of people the fundamentals of airbrush technique in my classes that are geared to artists at all levels. My artwork has been exhibited throughout the United States, and I have received several awards–among them American Artist magazine’s Art Masters Award and Airbrush Action magazine’s Vargas Award. I am the publisher of Arttalk / Art Newsletter the monthly six-page fine art supplies newsletter available online and Newsletter the bimonthly newsletter for airbrushers — all disciplines, all levels.

I am the Senior Art Consultant for the Iwata – Medea Inc. Airbrush Co..Portland, OR USA. I also oversee the artist workshop program for the Learning & Product EXPO: ART which will held in Chicago, IL. In July and Pasadena, CA. in October each year.