Abbi Kenny

Name: Abbi Kenny Website: Iwata Equipment Used: Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Additional Info: The Window Where the Wasps Came In
acrylic and paper collage on canvas
30 x 30 inches

Bobby Thomas

Name: Bobby Thomas Website: Iwata Equipment Used: HP-CS, CM-SB, and Iwata Power Jet Pro Additional Info: Art the Clown from the movie Terrifier which was airbrushed freehand over a pencil sketch. The two airbrushes I used were the Iwata HP-CS and CM-SB. Also used was the Iwata Power Jet Pro which has been nothing but a high quality workhorse.

Hi Esmeralda! I clicked on the yes to share my art on social media with credit but it didn’t highlight when I did so. Please feel free to share my artwork anywhere possible. Also, here is my address:

Bobby Thomas
8151 Imperial Ave.
Garden Grove, CA. 92844

Thank you so much for all of your help!