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  • 01 / 08

    Learn the 5 Ways to Spray

    We design each airbrush with a specific spray-performance and spray-scale in mind.

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  • 02 / 08

    Airbrush Basics

    When connected to an air compressor, airbrushes atomize liquid into tiny droplets that produce distinct lines, appear as a fine mist, or provide various spatter patterns.

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  • 03 / 08

    Airbrush Compressors

    Iwata air compressors produce compressed air that is used to function the airbrush. To use, attach the airbrush to the compressor using an Iwata air hose.

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  • 04 / 08

    Liquids & Cleaners

    Any liquid may be sprayed through an airbrush if it is of a thinned, sprayable consistency.

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  • 05 / 08

    Spraying the Airbrush

    Airbrush Guru, Robert Paschal will walk you through your first spray session in this 3-minute tutorial.

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  • 06 / 08

    Airbrush Cleaning

    Have a great airbrush experience every time you spray by cleaning your airbrush regularly and before paint dries.

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  • 07 / 08

    Common Questions

    Here are the questions that we are asked the most.

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  • 08 / 08

    Airbrush Selector

    With so many airbrushes to choose from, which one is right for you?

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