Airbrush Basics

When connected to an air compressor, airbrushes atomize liquid into tiny droplets that produce distinct lines, appear as a fine mist, or provide various spatter patterns. It is this atomization which allows airbrushes to produce seamless blends, coatings and gradients a normal paint brush can only dream of.

Iwata Airbrushes are known for superior atomization and spray excellence. We combine thoughtful design with finely crafted components and top quality raw materials.

Some of our airbrushes are highly specific and others are multi-taskers. We offer an abundance of feature options, so you are sure to find an airbrush that suits your personal preferences.

Here are airbrush features and terms to know…

Single Action: a method of activating an airbrush whereby depressing the trigger delivers both air and paint simultaneously.

Dual Action: a method of activating an airbrush whereby depressing the trigger releases air and drawing back on the trigger releases paint. Dual action airbrushes allow the user superior control and are more widely used than single-action.

External Mix: when air and paint are released through two seperate apetures and are mixed together outside the airbrush. While sometimes easier to clean, external mix systems produce coarser atomization and less even spray patterns than internal mix airbrushes.

Internal Mix: here air and paint are mixed together before leaving the airbrush. This produces superior atomization and even spray patterns. This is why all Iwata airbrushes are designed as internal mix airbrushes.

Siphon Feed: in a siphon feed system, paint is drawn up from a jar or color cup mounted underneath the airbrush. This style may be preferred when using larger amounts of spray medium and using multiple-bottle set-ups. This is sometimes referred to as bottom feed.

Side Feed: a siphon feed system where paint is drawn from a color cup or bottle on the side of the airbrush. It allows the use of a variety of cup and bottle options and offers maximum visibility of the spray surface.

Gravity Feed: the most popular type, where paint is drawn into an airbrush from a color cup mounted on top of the airbrush. This style works well with smaller amounts of paint and utilizes every drop, making it economical to use.

Quick Flush Cutaway Handle: allows easy access to the needle so that you can quickly empty the paint reservoir for cleaning.

Preset Handle: sets the spray to a desired output for greater ease, control, and less finger fatigue.

Spring Steel Needle: a durable material that resists breakage.

Solvent Resistant Needle packings: for increased durability using solvent-based materials.

Easy to clean Compression Fit Nozzle: Featured in Eclipse Series: Also called drop-in nozzle, this style nozzle is easy to clean and replace. No threads.

Custom-Matched Hand-Tuned Head System: Exclusive to Iwata Custom Micron Series, these Head Systems are hand tuned and hand tested to rigorous performance standards for precision spraying.

Micro Air Control (MAC) Valve for Hi-Line Series: enables incremental control of airflow for a fine to medium spray and creating stipple effects.

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