Liquids & Cleaners

Any liquid may be sprayed through an airbrush if it is of a thinned, sprayable consistency.

Ideal spray materials are the consistency of milk (or thinner). They have finely ground pigments and are strained to be free of chunks that may clog an airbrush. High quality spray materials also contain additives that create "flow" through airbrushes, making clean up easier and clogs less likely. Metallics and thicker materials have more of a tendency to cause clogging. If you are new to airbrushing, we recommend using airbrush-ready liquids. These are liquids that have been formulated specifically for airbrush and are ready to use.

We offer Com-Art brand acrylic colors. Com-Art are airbrush-ready and of an ideal spray consistency. They are available in opaque and transparent formulas in a wide range of colors. The colors spray smoothly, resist clogging and may also be used with traditional paintbrushes.

You will need an appropriate cleaning agent for the spray material that you use. For example, when using water soluble liquids use Medea Airbrush Cleaner. For non-water-soluble materials (automotive, artist oils, etc.) use paint thinner or spray gun / equipment cleaner. (Use caution as these are toxic.)

Before using your airbrush for the first time, make sure you have plenty of the appropriate airbrush cleaner. Expect to use about .5-1oz of cleaner to effectively flush-out the airbrush after use. For those new to spraying, we recommend starting with airbrush-ready formulas to avoid the pitfalls of reducing and straining non-sprayable liquids.

Our brands -

Medea Airbrush Cleaner is an effective airbrush cleaning fluid that works well with Acrylics or any water-soluble spray material. It is effective and environmentally safe.

Com-Art Colours are non-toxic, airbrush-ready water-based acrylic paints that also work great with a paintbrush.

Medea Body Art Temporary Tattoo Paints are non-toxic, airbrush ready, alcohol-based colors with 3-4 day staying power.

Media Nail Art Colors are non-toxic, airbrush-ready water based acrylic colors. To use, apply an enamel base coat, spray Medea Nail Art Colors and seal fingernails with enamel top coat.

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