Deborah Mahan

Over the last 30 years, Deborah Mahan, has developed a grand career in creating and teaching art, her work is very diverse, and she achieves wonderful pieces in mixed media, drawing, all forms of painting, and sculpting. Deborah can make art of any image or subject matter, but her love of the human form has really brought a lot of attention from her fans. She also loves to work over scale, and tries to bring the viewer in close to her subjects. Deborah’s work as a commercial artist, has given her the opportunities to work for clients as well known as Disney, Coca Cola, Lennox, Warner Bros., Fender and Jackson guitar, and Audi. She has also created private work for the Charles Schultz family (of Peanuts fame), Peter Max, (the 60’s pop icon artist), Ricky Rocket (of the 80’sband Poison) and many clients around the world, which has also given her the chance to be published in art books and several magazines in the U.S., Great Britain, and Italy. Deborah has received many awards and honors for both her teaching and artwork.

She taught commercial illustration, canvas painting, pin-up art, and automotive art for 15 years for Airbrush Action Magazine. She has been a sought after consultant and judge for many exhibitions, Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association, SEMA, magazine listed Deborah in 2006 as one of the top 12 custom artists in the nation, and she has the honor of being the only woman artist to be featured in both the Ford Booth and the House of Kolor booth at SEMA. Deborah is currently teaching private classes in her studio in Pittsburgh, Pa., where she teaches all forms of art to children over the age of 9, and adults, both beginner and professional. Class space is limited, so calling in advance, will get you place in the calendar. She also travels around the U.S teaching for the airbrush manufacture, Iwata-Media and promoting her line of Pin-up stencils through Artool, through ASET, one of their distributors. (To see where and when go to

Deborah creates art in mixed media, drawing, pen and ink, oils, acrylics, sculpture, metal engraving and tattooing. Her work has been used for movies, TV, Radio, the music industry, car companies, book publishers, interior decorators, and product labels. She is from Beaumont, Texas, where she once had a studio and gallery, and was then re-located toCalifornia, she just recently married, and she and her husband now live and work in Pittsburgh, PA.