Top Iwata Airbrush Stocking Stuffers for 2020!

Top Iwata Airbrush Stocking Stuffers for 2020

Here are the top accessories that are sure to be on every airbrusher’s wish list this holiday season! There’s an airbrush extra for every budget and are available now from your favorite Iwata retailer.

Iwata External MAC Valve

Put a new airbrush trick in your bag with an External Mac valve.

MAC stands for Micro Air Control. By turning the knob you can make precise adjustments to your air pressure without reaching for your compressor or regulator.

That means you can dynamically lower air pressures on the fly for detailed spraying, dial in super low pressures for fine and coarse stipple textures (think freckles). One of the most popular airbrush accessories, the External MAC Valve will change the way you airbrush.

Part Number: K250

List Price: $33.50

Iwata Universal Spray Out Pot

No workspace is complete without a Iwata Universal Spray Out Pot. Not only does it eliminate overspray while cleaning your airbrush, it also serves as an airbrush holder! Easy to clean, the glass pot is dishwasher safe. A removable, non-skid pot sleeve protects the glass pot. Use as a stand alone item or use with the Iwata Universal Airbrush Holder and Iwata Filter and Air Regulator to create the Iwata Workstation.

Part Number: CL300

List Price: $32.50


Artool #1 Freehand Airbrush Template by Eddy Young

Precision, laser cut stencils for highly detailed effects. Solvent Proof mylar construction: great with both solvent and water based paints. Easy to clean. Create your favorite effects with Artool.

Part Number: FH1SP

List Price: $16.75

Iwata Zippered Airbrush Case

Iwata Zippered Airbrush Case keeps your airbrushes, tools and accessories organized. Holds up to 6 airbrush and includes an internal, zippered pouch for storing spare parts. Airbrushes are held secure with elastic straps inside this durable nylon case. Perfect for travel or to keep your work space organized.

Part Number: CL500E

List Price: $15.25

Artool Cutting Rail, 12”

The Artool Cutting Rail’s patented raised-edge design prevents sharp blades and rotary cutters from hopping over the top and cutting your fingers. The non-slip backing locks onto the surface to prevent slipping for extra safety when cutting sign vinyl, paper, illustration board, frisketfilm or textiles. Also available in longer sizes.

Part Number: CR12

List Price: $14.50

Iwata Precision Nozzle Wrench

Any airbrusher will tell you what a bummer a broken nozzle can be. That’s why we designed the Iwata Precision Nozzle Wrench. This tool reduces torque on the nozzle threads letting you remove and insert nozzles with far less chance of damage. The Iwata Nozzle Wrench works on all Iwata and Neo airbrushes except the Iwata Eclipse Series and the Neo TRN 2 Side-Feed Trigger Airbrushes. Also included in the Iwata Cleaning Kit.

Part Number: CLNW1

List Price: $10.00

Iwata Washing Brushes

Iwata Washing Brushes provide a soft bristle brush to remove paint in your color cup. The round design is ideal for gravity feed airbrush models. Comes in a pack of two. Also included as part of the Iwata Cleaning Kit.

Part Number: HPAWB1

List Price: $7.25

Artool Studio Wipes 12 Count Pouch

Artool Studio Wipes 12 Pack Pouch contains the Medea Airbrush Cleaner you know and love in a convenient 12 count pouch that is small and portable. Use Artool Studio Wipes to clean all your art materials, work surfaces and studio tools. Medea Airbrush Cleaner is mild, environmentally safe and ready to use right out of the pack.

Part Number: 660012

List Part: $3.25

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