Clarence Novak


Clarence Novak



Iwata Equipment Used:

Iwata HP-B+

Additional Info:

1/8 Monogram Jaguar E Type ‘Goodwood’ Coupe

I built 50% of this kit over 15 years ago. Eventually, the box was too large to ignore. This is what I always wanted to do to my real E Type. This kits ’reputation’ didn’t disappoint: I see it as a vintage toy kit that always wanted to be a presentable model. For me, that required considerable effort and ‘re engineering’ to get close to the goal. In addition to the GTO style body cues, I re profiled the nose, added RC Brembo Front Brakes, Minilte Wheels, Tire Valves, and Five Point Belts. I widened the tires by sectioning tires from two kits, then scratch built the Bonnet Inner Panels, Intake Manifold, Rear Suspension Brake Lines, Diff Cooler, Coil Springs, Triple Webers, Intake Trumpets, Spark Plug Wires, Aluminum Exhaust Headers, Brake Booster, Throttle Linkage, Bonnet Intakes, Optima Battery, added Resin Spark Plugs and Fluorescent styrene rods for headlight bulbs. As a ‘Track Day’ weekend racer, I deleted the bumpers, front turn signals, wipers, added a low pressure exhaust and cut pressure vents in the rear window. The paint is Tamiya TS60 Pearl Green with Mr. Hobby Clear. The only adhesive that worked reliably on this ancient plastic was E6000 along with many brass pins and magnets to add strength.