Fernando Pessano

Name: Fernando Pessano Website: http://www.ilustrare-aerografia.com Iwata Equipment Used: Micron CM-B Additional Info: Portrair of Donald Sutherland on Ilustration crescent board and Liquitex acrilyc inks

Kyle Pihlaja

Name: Kyle Pihlaja Website: http://www.pristineairbrush.com Iwata Equipment Used: Iwata eclipse Additional Info: Prohibition

Tyrell Jasperson

Name: Tyrell Jasperson Website: https://imgur.com/a/zuarg Iwata Equipment Used: Iwata Eclipse CH’s, Microns, V2 Microns Additional Info: The following website link is my current portfolio/photo drop – Thanks for looking!

-The image is of my late Grand Dad, who live a life as a jockey; the image was used for his headstone.

Alec Macdonald

Name: Alec Macdonald Website: http://www.thebikefactory.com Iwata Equipment Used: LPS 80 Additional Info: schwinn paramount restoration.


Name: Apple Website: http://www.facebook.com/definedbycreation Iwata Equipment Used: R2000, HP-Bplus, HP-C, Additional Info: Commissioned piece for a client using Golden, Comart and Createx paints.

Esmeralda Rupp-Spangle

Name: Esmeralda Rupp-Spangle Website: https://www.instagram.com/esmeraldasilentcitadel/ Iwata Equipment Used: Iwata HP TR 2/ Steve Driscoll Flesh Tone set Additional Info: This is a 2×2 Rubiks cube modification I made using doll eyes and painted using my HP TR2 and the Steve Driscoll Flesh tone set

John Stahr

Name: John Stahr Website: http://artisticAviation.com Iwata Equipment Used: Eclipse airbrushes Additional Info: Aircraft is a Kit built Vans RV-8….a 200 mph aerobatic sport plane, built and owned by Bill Job.

Cindy Dockter

Name: Cindy Dockter Website: Iwata Equipment Used: Hi-Line HP-TH Additional Info: I love my Iwata.