Nicole Dinardo

Nicole Dinardo started with pastels and paints as a child. She later explored pen and ink, digital imagery then she moved to airbrushing in 2005. Nicole began working in the automotive industry and later found her own niche by hand painting KitchenAid mixers. From commercial kitchens to everyday people, these one-of-a kind mixers are redefining custom couture and adding custom stylizing to kitchens everywhere. “I enjoy bringing my client’s vision to life and the challenge of designing and working with the mixer’s curves”.

Nicole’s work has been featured in collaboration with Macy’s, The Knot, Chefs Catalog, Rock Hall of Fame, Hershey Corporation, Candy Crush to name a few and has been seen on TV shows such as The Pioneer Woman, Guy’s Big Bite, Inside Edition, Entertainment Tonight, and Hallmark Channel. Also publications including but not limited to, the cover of the Wall Street Journal, Food Network Magazine, LA weekly and Syndicated News.

“My Favorite Iwata Airbrush is the CM-C Plus. Because my work is small scale and detailed in nature, I require a precise tool. I like the detail that I can get with the CM-C Plus. I range from flowers to pinup portraits, some only an inch in diameter. The CM-C Plus makes these elements easier to achieve. It flawlessly provides perfect atomization without distortion or chunky color pigment.”

For large scale base colors I like the Iwata LS400 Supernova. “It’s a well-rounded gun with the perfect atomization for flawless, perfect fades and mirror gloss clear coats.”

Artist / Designer