Eddie Young


Welcome to the world of Eddie Young. A world where imagination and creativity expresses itself from the heart. Eddie, a Southern California native has always had a deep love and appreciation for art and especially humorous illustration.

At a young age his art influences ranged from Mickey Mouse cartoons to Mad Magazine. His continuing, lifelong passion for art (and music) have sustained him his whole life.

His 23-year career as a humorous cartoon illustrator has honed his skills in rendering original and licensed characters with the same fervor. Eddie’s work is well known throughout the motion picture and Television media and his client list includes Disney, Warner Brothers, Hanna Barbera, and Fox. His packaging designs have graced such companies as Tyco Toys, Milton Bradley and Mattel. He has associate representatives located in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.

In keeping with the cutting edge of the commercial art industry, in 1995, Eddie began using a computer for an enhanced, more effective method for rendering finished color illustrations. Working digitally allows him to incorporate innovative dimensions in the area of design, type, and special effects to produce a solid, cost effective and more desirable finished artwork for his client’s product and the consumer.

Today, Eddie has moved into the most creative area of all, character development for product branding. He designs characters for companies both big and small. From start up companies looking for a logo to Time/Warner Cable, Abbott Laboratories or children’s book publishers and toy manufacturing companies, “Eddie Young Builds Good Characters!” Whether you’re looking for an “edgy” character wearing sun glasses, flowers that talk to one another, huggable alligators or hippos that dance, Eddie’s characters are “pure and from the heart.” And that natural genuineness translates into his artwork.

Although he has launched a very successful career in the field of commercial art, Eddie is also an accomplished and much sought after professional musician. He plays Cello, Bass, Bass Flute and many Percussion Instruments.

Eddie especially enjoys playing his cello with his friends at the Siddha Yoga Meditation Centers in Long Beach and Los Angeles.

Eddie and his lovely wife Susan share the love of Eddie’s four beautiful children. He works in his personally designed home studio in Long Beach, CA.