Iwata Silver Jet 110-120V Airbrush Compressor

Iwata Silver Jet 110-120V Airbrush Compressor


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The Iwata Silver Jet compressor proves ideal for the hobbyist or professional user who wants a small, reliable source of air in an attractive and feature-rich design. The Silver Jet's quiet and compact size makes it ideal for use in small work spaces and quick set ups. It will power most gravity feed airbrushes for low pressure applications of around 1 to 18 PSI. 

This compressor is simple to operate and requires zero maintenance providing easy, reliable air when you need it. The air regulator knob allows you to adjust the working pressure and the gauge reflects an accurate psi reading, so you can fine tune your airflow for your airbrush and project. The built-in airbrush holder provides a safe and convenient place to rest your airbrush when you are not spraying. When you have finished your spray session the built-in cord wrap makes for easy storage. 

Includes a durable polyurethane cobra coil airbrush hose for Iwata airbrushes. Also included are air hose adaptors for Badger, Aztek and Paasche brand airbrushes and a detailed operation manual. 

Technical Info

Pressure CategoryLow
Voltage Requirement (V)110 - 120V 60 Hz
Plug TypeB
Approved RegionNorth America
Amps (A)2.30
Wattage (W)145
Horsepower (hp)1/10
Decibels (dB)64
Air Flow @ 50 PSI (CFM)-
Air Flow @ 50 PSI (LPM)-
Air Flow @ 60 PSI (CFM)0.32
Air Flow @ 60 PSI (LPM)9
Max Pressure (psi)55
Max Pressure (MPa)0.38
Working Pressure (psi)1 - 18
Working Pressure (MPa)0.01 - .012
Air Storage Tank Capacity (L)-
Air Pressure RegulatorYes
Net Weight (lbs)3.01
Net Weight (kg)6.64
Assembled Dimensions (in)6.10 x 6.10 x 6.89
Assembled Dimensions (mm)155 x 155 x 175

User Manual