Nozzle (C1)

Nozzle (C1)


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An airbrush is only a true Iwata when it contains genuine Iwata parts. To keep your airbrush operating at peak performance, make sure the model number on the side of your airbrush is listed below.  If you need additional assistance locating the correct part, try using our helpful Parts Finder tool.

Custom Micron V2 (Square Trigger):CM-B/SB

Iwata Custom Micron nozzles are wrapped in a platinum alloy, creating a perfect seal to the paint passageways. Unlike conventional all-brass nozzles, they are more durable and resist damage from harsh chemicals. Nozzles may be purchased individually or as part of a complete Custom Micron Head System. When purchased as a complete Head System, the parts are custom matched and hand-tuned to meet Iwata's rigorous performance standards for superior atomization associated with Iwata Custom Micron series airbrushes. Our parts are precision crafted on the industry's most sophisticated machinery using the finest materials for consistent quality and performance. Every batch, every time.