Iwata Workshop IWC28S Quiet Air Compressor

Iwata Workshop IWC28S Quiet Air Compressor


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Get to work with the Iwata Workshop IWC28S Quiet Air Compressor.

With the power, performance and longevity worth your investment, this compressor is the perfect air source to bring your projects to the next level.

Power the tools you need.

The 2.0 HP motor produces 5.3 CFM @ 90 PSI and 6.4 CFM at 40 PSI. That’s enough air for two mini spray guns simultaneously. Or airbrushes. Or a pneumatic tool. Whatever you need to get the job done.

Keep it concentration quiet.

The ultra-durable steel tank holds a generous 8 gallons of air. While drawing off the air tank, this compressor is silent. When the tank needs to refill, the quick fill cycle kicks in at only 70 dB and the pump will automatically shut off when the tank is full.

Buy smart and buy once.

The stainless-steel rust resistant tank and premium pump components work together to extend the life of your Workshop by thousands of hours. The life cycle is at least 3 and sometimes up to 10 times longer than comparable models.

Keep it super simple.

Skip the trip to the hardware store with a plug-and-play set up, right out of the box. Just attach the included 25 ft air hose to your mini spray gun and you’re ready to go. With its oil-free low maintenance design, the hassle-free Workshop compressor lets you focus on your project, not on your tools.

Make it easy on yourself.

We’ve included a built-in shelf and spray gun holder to help you keep your tools within reach. When you’re done for the day, use the built-in cord wrap to keep your workshop safe and uncluttered. The rugged wheels and handle make it easy to move your workshop air compressor where you need it or stow it away until your next project.

Technical Info

Item NumberIWC28S
Compressor SeriesWorkshop
Voltage Requirement (V)120V 60 Hz
Plug TypeB
Approved RegionNorth America
Amps (A)15
Motor Speed (RPM)1680
Horsepower (hp)2.00
Decibels (dB)70
Output @ 40 PSI6.4 CFM
Output @ 90 PSI5.3 CFM
Max Pressure (psi)125
Max Pressure (MPa)0.86
Working Pressure (psi)100
Working Pressure (MPa)0.69
Air Storage Tank Capacity (Gal)8
Air Pressure RegulatorYes
Net Weight (lbs)79.36
Net Weight (kg)36
Assembled Dimensions (in)25 x 14 x 25
Assembled Dimensions (mm)641 x 353 x 625

User Manual