Craig Fraser's Magic Box of Tricks

Craig Fraser's Magic Box of Tricks


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Craig Fraser's Magic Box of Tricks - Spray Chart

Craig Fraser's Magic Box of Tricks has everything you need to get started with custom automotive airbrushing. 

The IW440 stars the Eclipse CS airbrush, Craig Fraser’s go-to workhorse brush. The Eclipse's high flow allows it to atomize a wider variety of paints with less need for reducing or thinning. This airbrush offers a broad spray range where it is possible to achieve a controlled fine line to controlled wide spray. 

Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Gravity Feed Dual Action Airbrush has a generous 0.24 oz / 7 ml fluid cup with lid that is makes color mixing and clean up easy. This airbrush features an exclusive compression fit nozzle that is easy to clean and assemble. The quick flush cutaway handle allows easy access to the needle so that you can quickly empty the paint reservoir for cleaning. Iwata's spring-steel needle resists breakage and our needle packings are solvent resistant for longevity. 

Iwata Eclipse airbrushes come with a head cap spanner that is used to remove the head cap when accessing the nozzle. Also included is Iwata Lube, which is used to lubricate the needle and main lever mechanism. Hugely popular, the Eclipse CS offers the custom automotive painter all-star versatility.

We pair the Eclipse with the Iwata Smart Jet airbrush compressor, a compact and quiet unit that offers a preset working pressure of 20-25 PSI. The Smart Jet’s auto shut-off technology enables the compressor to shut itself off when not in use. This feature upgrade is known to lengthen the life span of the compressor motor because it reduces the workload of the motor over time.

 Iwata Smart Jet has a moisture filter that prevents pulsation and traps condensation, delivering clean, dry air. The mounted pressure gauge displays the air pressure and if desired, the bleed valve airflow adjustment may be used to lower the working pressure below the preset range. (Note: auto shut off functionality will be bypassed when using the bleed valve).

 The Smart Jet has an air intake filter that protects the motor from dust and particulates and allows easy-access for quick filter changes. Iwata Smart Jet comes with a built-in airbrush holder and a high strength polyurethane airbrush hose for Iwata airbrushes. 

Get up to speed quickly with the included educational materials and stencils. Craig reveals the skills and innovative techniques he’s learned from decades of cutting-edge painting in the included full color book and DVD. and we’ve thrown in two of his bestselling Artool stencils. To make sure you get started with everything you need we also include 2 of Craig’s best-selling Artool templates, 6 bottles of Createx Wicked and a bottle of Medea Airbrush Cleaner. 

Kit includes: 
• Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Gravity Feed Dual Action Airbrush
• Iwata Smart Jet 110-120V Airbrush Compressor with Airbrush Hose
• Medea Airbrush Cleaner 8 oz Bottle
• 6 Createx Wicked Colors
• Automotive Cheap Tricks & Special FX II by Craig Fraser
• Artool Kustom FX Bullet-Ridden Freehand Airbrush Template by Craig Fraser
• Artool Steam Driven Steam Skull Freehand Airbrush Templates 
• Craig Fraser's Magic Box of Tricks DVD

The IW440 is part of All-Star Versatility, one of our 5 Ways to Spray categories. Who sprays with All-Star Versatility? Makers and creators who... 

Spray with fine to wide level of detail and scale
Want the ease of a drop-in nozzle
Have beginner to high-level airbrush skills
Use thin to thicker viscosity or pearlized spray materials
Are hobbyist or professional painters
Want to spray many types of things using one airbrush!

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Craig Fraser's Magic Box of Tricks


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