Boya Crayons Rainbow 6 Set

Boya Crayons Rainbow 6 Set


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Boya Crayons are non-toxic drawing tools with a unique shape that creates a myriad of effects. Just hold the Boya in a different position in hand and watch as the pigment disperses differently on the surface. Create fine lines or get full coverage. Achieve fast saturation or softly shade and blend color. All with one crayon. With so much versatility, Boya gives you an expressive drawing experience using natural, intuitive color. No rules, just start drawing! 

What's so great about Boya?

  • Complete versatility
  • Color stays on paper, not on hands
  • No fixative required
  • Resharpens as you draw
  • More material for longer life 

Set includes:
Sunny Lemon Yellow, Cinnabar Red, Ultramarine Blue, April Green, Realgar Orange, Amethyst Violet

 Draw Outside the Lines with Boya Crayons