Createx Wicked Opaque Colors White, 8 oz.

Createx Wicked Opaque Colors White, 8 oz.


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Wicked Colors are water-based, multi-surface airbrush acrylics designed for versatility with optimum performance on nearly any project.  Heavily saturated with opaque, lightfast pigments and using a durable resin, Wicked Colors are an excellent choice for interior or exterior applications.

  • Colors cover semi-opaque sprayed direct from the bottle. Extend for increased transparency
  • Best sprayed with airbrush tip-sizes 0.3mm to 0.5mm at 20 – 40+ psi
  • Thin with 4011 Reducer for use with smaller tip-sizes and lower psi settings
  • Mix with 4030 Balancing Clear for improved adhesion & durability onto plastics and other hard surfaces
  • Refer to Wicked Colors Technical Data Sheet for more info