Createx Illustration Colors Bloodline Decay, 8 oz.

Createx Illustration Colors Bloodline Decay, 8 oz.


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Createx Illustration Bloodline Colors are water-based, multi-surface airbrush acrylics which produce a soft, smooth spray even through fine detail airbrushes at low pressure settings.  Boasting a durable resin with a delayed cure time, they allow you to rework the paints up to 48 hours.  Heavily saturated with transparent, lightfast pigments, Bloodline Colors have been optimized for building brilliant layers.  This special set of Illustration Colors offers a palette of 15 muted, naturalistic hues that dry to a matte finish.

  • Bloodline Colors are transparent, although colors appear opaque due to high pigment load
  • Suitable for use with any airbrush tip-size and psi setting
  • Illustration Colors do not create a stippled pattern at low pressures
  • Apply with airbrush or traditional brush
  • Mix with 4030 Balancing Clear to make an acrylic-urethane, automotive airbrush paint
  • Available in 1oz., 2oz. and 8oz. sizes
  • Refer to Illustration Colors Technical Data Sheet for more information