Createx AutoBorne Sealer Burgundy, 4 oz.

Createx AutoBorne Sealer Burgundy, 4 oz.


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AutoBorne Sealers are water-based, acrylic primers boasting excellent adhesion direct to most any hard surface, including aluminum, plastic, wood and fiberglass.  Since they flow out to a beautiful, level finish, cure to a hard coating and are available in a range of 13 colors, AutoBorne Sealers make the perfect starting base for any Createx paint.

  • Thin with 4011 Reducer 5% - 10% per volume
  • Airbrush: 0.5mm, ~ 25 - 30 psi
  • Spray-gun: 1.2 – 1.4mm, ~ 18 – 24 psi
  • Color-key colors with AutoBorne Sealer for improved coverage
  • For direct to metal, brass and hard plastics, see also UVLS Clears
  • See AutoBorne Sealer Technical Data Sheet for more information