Createx Airbrush Colors Fluorescent Set, 2 oz.

Createx Airbrush Colors Fluorescent Set, 2 oz.


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Createx Airbrush Fluorescent Colors are water-based, full bodied fluid acrylics suitable to be used for a variety of projects.  They use vibrant, transparent pigments and a durable resin which whe applied to fabric feels soft to the touch and reisists cracking.  For maximum color brightness, apply over a white base, such as Createx 5212 Opaque White or AutoBorne Sealer 6001 White.  As they are NOT Lightfast, fluorescent pigments will eventually fade due to exposure to direct light.

The Createx Airbrush Colors Fluorescent Set contains 2 oz. each:

  • 5401 Fluorescent Violet
  • 5402 Fluorescent Raspberry
  • 5404 Fluorescent Green
  • 5405 Fluorescent Yellow
  • 5407 Fluorescent Hot Pink
  • 5409 Fluorescent Orange