16oz. AC Classroom Set (8 Color)

16oz. AC Classroom Set (8 Color)


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Createx Acrylic Colors are water-based, acrylic colors excellent for brush work and screen-printing on most any surface.  Using lightfast pigments, these full-bodied archival acrylics have been optimized for permanent artwork.  Compatible with Acrylic Mediums, Createx Acrylic Colors are non-toxic and meet to ASTM-D4236 standards.

The Createx Colors Acrylic 8 color Classroom Set contains 16 oz. each:

  • 2001 Titanium White
  • 2002 Hansa Yellow Medium
  • 2006 Primary Red
  • 2010 Phthalo Green
  • 2011 Phthalo Blue (GS)
  • 2014 Burnt Umber
  • 2015 Carbon Black
  • 2017 Pearl Satin Gold